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LTS Embarks on Identity and Access Management Program

Library and Technology Services has launched a new Identity and Access Management (IAM) program to address the increasing importance of providing privacy and security for electronic identities and online information and resources. 

After carefully evaluating commercial applications, LTS selected the Oracle Identity Management software and the technical firm APTEC to manage the fast track implementation.  In addition, an LTS Identity and Access Management team has been formed to help with the implementation and to provide ongoing development and maintenance of the program.

Lehigh University provides electronic resources and services to an expanding set of constituents, not only the campus community of faculty, staff and students, but also distance education students, alumni, trustees, admitted students, parents, and partners from other institutions. 

LTS is challenged with ensuring that the individuals using Lehigh systems are properly identified and are granted appropriate access.  At the same time, protecting privacy and safeguarding confidential information, intellectual property and strategic information is essential, while guaranteeing compliance with the licensing and contractual agreements that allow the provision of these resources.

The initial phase of the implementation project includes interviewing a number of stakeholders and Lehigh staff members throughout the University who are responsible for internal data. 

They will be asked to assist with the identification of current requirements and possible future needs of the new identity and access management system.  The second phase will involve the integration of the Oracle Identity Manager with core computer systems.

The goal at the end of the implementation is to have a carefully designed infrastructure that enables Lehigh to achieve its security objectives and auditable compliance, and is supported by comprehensive, up-to-date documentation of policies, workflows and technical processes.

In the future, the Identity and Access Management program will be capable of accommodating innovations and changes in technology, incorporating upgrades and integrating additional systems. It also will enable compliance with changing legal requirements, and support additional user roles and methods of identification.  Retina scans, anyone?

-- Sara Rodgers

Article posted April 8 2008

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